Full Fat Soya meal

Fullfat soybean meal or soy cake is a high-quality source of energy and protein for poultry and livestock.
Properly processed extruded soybean meal will deactivate lipolytic enzymes and anti-nutritional factors
(trypsin inhibitors and urease). The nutritional quality and amino acid digestibility of full-fat soybean
meal is remarkably better than conventional soybean meal (solvent). Typical whole soybeans contain
about 38% crude protein and 19.5% oil (acid hydrolysis). The extruded full-fat soybeans have the same
amount of protein and oil but lower moisture content.
By using extruded fullfat soybean meal in the poultry feed (TMEn: >3800 kcal/kg), there won't be any
need for added fat. Also, there won't be a need for costly equipment to add fat to the diet in the
feedmill (pumps, tanks…). Extruded full-fat soybean meal can also replace a considerable amount of the
protein source in the diet.

Composition                       Fullfat Soybean Meal
Dry Matter %                                    93.0
Crude Protein %                              38.0
Ether Extract %                               18.0
Crude Fiber %                                 5.0
Ash %                                               4.5
ME-Poultry (kcal/kg)                     3815
ME-Poultry (kcal/kg)                     4265

Source: National Research Council *Solvent Extracted Soybean

In summary, fullfat soybean meal is an excellent source of highly digestible protein and concentrated
energy, which is the most usable energy of any soybean product and serves as a foundation of diet
formulations. Fullfat soybean meal compliments other ingredients with no need for supplemental fats
and oils, fewer synthetic amino acids are needed, and lower-quality, cheaper by-products can be used.

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