Small Manual Drinker

Sh4,000.00 Sh3,500.00



The drinkers are 1.5 litres of volume.

These manual drinkers  are very easy to fill and can be easily cleaned due to their nature of material used. Suitable for supplying water to chicks, the robust composite materials are strong and long lasting.

The bell drinkers for sale will make things really easy to make sure that chickens and other poultry get exactly the right amount of fluid. It is really important to make sure that they stay hydrated and these will do the job well for you.

Bell Waterer are widely used for different poultry, from chickens to birds.

High quality HDPE plastic material make the waterer more durable and red color of the red bell can attract bird to drink more.

High sensitivity ensure accurate control of water level, and Large ballast increases stability and avoids spillage.


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