The visitation took place on 2nd March 2018 at Tanfeeds Headquarter Office where the Guest from CRs (Tucker, Morgan, Priyanka and Adonikamu Ulotu) introduced a new B Impact Assessment tool to our company which can help us to monitor and evaluate the company’s activity. Tucker, Morgan said that Once we complete the B Impact Assessment, we will receive a B Impact Report with scoring for our assessment compared to other companies like Tanfeeds and that is where we can know where to improve and monitor.


From left, Adonikamu Ulotu, Tanfeeds Managing Director Prof Lekule,  Priyanka, Tanfeeds Project Manager-SSBVCs Mr Lucas Joseph and Tucker Morgan (Impact Analyst, Impact Investing).

A word from Tucker Morgan

‘‘At this time, all of these steps would be for Tanfeeds as well as pre-work in the case the CRS is able to continue the Farmer-to-Farmer program.  If we are, I believe we will be developing a timeline to work on and/or review each step with you’’. 


Thank you for taking the time for this learning experience and for providing your feedback to us.

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