International Tanfeeds visited one of its outgrower in Dumila Kilosa named as KIRVICA as an abbreviation of Kilosa Inte-religious Vicoba Association. The KIRVICA  association was formed in 2016 as a CBO (Community Based Organization) comprises of 1400 members in which 1200 are women and 200 are men. Tanfeeds work in a close relationship with this group of farmers as the supplier of white maize. During the visitation of Tanfeeds directors (Mr Jay Ewald and Mr Wilmer Otto) with the project manager were able to visit the association office to meet with the chairman and other members of the association and discussing more on the project  as well as visiting farmers directly in their fields where they were planting maize seed.


From Left, the project manager, KIRVICA Chairman, Mr Wilmer and the member of the association Mr Chilolo sharing an award achieved by KIRVICA in the year 2017-2018 for being the best  IR-VICOBA in maize production in Tanzania.

The Project manager Mr Lucas Joseph directing the farmers on how to follow  seed planting procedures in the field of 10 acres with the assistance of Mr Wilmer.


(Below) Mr Wilmer Otto discussing with the chairman of the group after the end of planting session.

Hence through this visitation Tanfeeds is happy to see how our outgrowers in maize are doing well and ensuring the availability of white maize in time for ensuring consistency of our products to our customers.

This visits will continue throughout the year as we aim to improve our relatonship with the outgrowers and help the farmers reach their potentials.




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