The managing director International Tanfeeds limited Prof F.P. Lekule signed a forward contract

on 22 nd June 2017 at the TANFEEDS headquarter office at Msamvu-Morogoro with white maize

farmers producer representatives from Kilosa District in Morogoro under the WFP white Maize

program in Kilosa. He signed a contract with KIRVICA ( Kilosa Inter- religious Vicoba

Association ) which was witnessed by Representative from the Kilosa government authority

(Vicoba Coordinator ) and Anglican Church under World Food Program (WFP) Project Known


Through the process of signing the contract the following issues were discussed;

  • The quantity of maize to be bought from the association.
  • The price for buying maize from the association basing on the market price.
  • The payment system to be used.
  • The specified quality of maize from farmers and delivery strategy of maize.

The KIRVICA ( Kilosa Inter religious Vicoba Association ) as a registered association with

more than 400 Farmers agreed to provide more than 900 tonnes of maize from Dumila and more

than 100 tonnes of maize from Kisanga and make a total of 1000 tonnes of white maize.

Hence as one of the major task done by Tanfeeds to deal with farmers in white maize production

we do encourage farmers on the proper ways of storing their products in order to avoid post

harvesting losses by adopting good technology in post harvesting handling.

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